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mother! (2017)

A Christian religious allegory that serves as an indictment of God and mankind’s treatment of Mother Earth. If you’re looking for something challenging to watch, here you are.

The Little Hours (2017)

A funny, historical comedy with a modern edge that borrows its premise from The Decameron. A great cast make this a breezy distraction. Recommend.

Enola Holmes (Netflix)

A charming cast, excellent cinematography and a ho-hum mystery make for a mildly entertaining movie. Lightly recommended.

Gemini Man (2019)

A well made action movie featuring a good performance by Will Smith. The de-aging tech isn’t convincing, but doesn’t distract from an overall entertaining movie. Recommended.

Les Misérables (2019)

A realistic depiction of the harsh life inside a French neighborhood and the corrupt police unit assigned to keep the people under control. Highly recommended.

The Hunt (2020)

If you can make it through the first eighty minutes, the last ten are worth it!

I’ll Be Gone in The Dark

A well-made and riveting documentary series that explores Michelle McNamara’s quest to write about and solve the mystery of the Golden State Killer. There are a few structural flaws in the presentation, but they don’t affect the weight of the material. Recommended


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