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The Empty Man

A good creepy cult horror movie with ambition. David Prior takes us on a journey from Bhutan to Missouri, using good old fashioned camera work to build a sense of dread and some very effective scares. Recommended. Continue reading The Empty Man

Nightmare Alley

A diverting sideshow attraction from from Guillermo Del Toro that entertains with style and a colorful cast of supporting actors. Cooper’s lead performance leaves a hole at the center that nearly capsizes the entire enterprise, though. Continue reading Nightmare Alley


A brilliant directorial debut by Rebecca Hall, featuring exceptional performances by Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga. Highly recommended! Continue reading Passing

The Power of the Dog

An endurance test in the guise of a movie, The Power of the Dog features Benedict Cumberbatch as a mean rancher who takes his personal misery out on others. Jane Campion fans will eat it up, while others will be left waiting for a payoff that comes abruptly and too late to make it worthwhile. Continue reading The Power of the Dog


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