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Black Widow

What the Natasha Romanoff did on her summer vacation, between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers Endame. Black Widow borrows heavily from better spy movies lending it a familiar feel. The movie is also an indie dramedy, with sisters who bicker and the parents who love them, but also bicker. A disappointing swan song for a character who has already died. Not recommended. Continue reading Black Widow


A very entertaining and well made movie, in spite of its humble origins as a viral thread on Twitter. The talent in front of and behind the camera is undeniable. The story of Zola and her BFF Stefani is exciting and shocking, but frustratingly superficial. Recommended. Continue reading Zola

Werewolves Within

A werewolf-comedy-mystery mashup that succeeds in being modestly entertaining. The murder mystery element is the weakest part, stealing time from the quirky romance developing and easy chemistry between the leads for a plot that was better left to Clue. Recommended for what works, as well as the gratuitous use of Ace of Base. Continue reading Werewolves Within

The Sparks Brothers

A documentary about Sparks, a somewhat obscure pop duo who’ve regularly put out music for sixty years. Their quirky songs and odd stage presence has earned them modest success and a devoted cult following. Recommended for anyone who listened to New Wave back in the day. Continue reading The Sparks Brothers


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