Palm Springs (Hulu)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.  Man finds himself reliving the same day until he finds a way to escape the loop.  You may have immediately thought of Groundhog’s Day, the Bill Murry classic.  That movie came out in 1993.  Since then there have been other films that have utilized the concept, including Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow, Happy Death Day in 2017 (and its sequel, Happy Death Day 2U in 2019).  Recent TV shows have also followed this pattern, from Westworld (where the hosts relive the same pre-programmed day until they revolt) to Upload (Amazon Prime), Undone (also Amazon Prime) and After Life (what’s up over at Amazon Prime, anyway?).  I could go all the way back to the Greek legend of Sisyphus, but then we would be heading into TL;DR territory.  (TL;DR: “too long; didn’t read”)

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