The Exorcism Movie Recipe

Innocent person is possessed. They why varies. Sometimes it is because of guilt or remorse over a traumatizing event. Other times it is “just because”.

Possessed person attacks members of their family.

One priest meets the possessed person to see if that person really is possessed.

Possessed person speaks in a completely different voice.

Possessed person toys with the priest before repelling them.

Possessed person contorts their body unnaturally, with accompanying cracking of joints.

Possessed person crawls on the wall and ceiling.

Demon turns crucifixes on the wall upside down.

Priest seeking permission to perform an exorcism is rebuffed by church bigwigs.

Younger priest teams up with an older priest who has performed exorcisms before.

Priest performing the exorcism stores his tools of the trade (holy water, bibles, crucifixes, etc.) neatly in a shiny black leather case.

Demon attempts to confuse the priests by:

  • revealing that it knows their sins
  • speaking in the voice of a loved one who possibly died recently
  • speaking in tongues, possibly backwards or just gibberish
  • speaking in Latin or a language the possessed person wouldn’t know

Demon abuses its host body, like writing a message on their stomach, vomiting, turning their eyes a different color.

The priests suit up for the final round with the demon.

The priests perform the rites of the exorcism. They shout passages from the bible, spray holy water, point crucifixes at the demon.

Demon shouts and screams.

Demon becomes angry and exhibits more of its powers. Objects are thrown across the room, the bed where the possessed person lies shakes and rises from the floor.

Possessed person levitates.

Demon flees into another person, typically one of the priests.

One priest saves the other priest.

The possessed person is shown to be free of the demon, and aside from some minor scars, is no worse for wear.