A Man Called Otto (2022)

A Man Called Otto (2022)

Otto (Tom Hanks) is a Grump.  That much is clear from the movie’s opening scene.  First he argues with a sales associate who wants to help him cut the rope he wishes to purchase.  Then he argues with the checkout clerk who says he must pay for two yards of rope when he only needs five feet.  It’s not that Otto can’t afford to pay the extra thirty-odd cents, he doesn’t want to pay for what he doesn’t need.  When the clerk explains that the computer register can only ring him up for a per yard purchase, he asks, “What computer can’t do math?”  Otto’s argument  ultimately amounts to nothing, but he’s the sort of person who’s always ready to argue something on principle.  Even though what he’s arguing about–five feet of rope, is what he intends to use to kill himself.

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The Little Hours (2017)

In the beginning of this movie, two Sisters chat in modern voices about a donkey that wandered away from their convent and needed to be retrieved again this morning.  The convent’s handyman walks by and gazes a bit to longly at the Sisters.  They then proceed to drop F-bombs on him until he finally walks away bewildered.  As the credits rolled, I wondered to myself, how would I describe this movie in my review?

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Why I created a blog for my reviews.

My father introduced me to good cinema early on in my life. His favorites included: Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, Citizen Kane, Charlie Chaplin, Lawrence of Arabia. As is often the case for children, his tastes became my tastes. My tastes evolved over time to include films by David Lynch, the Cohen Brothers and more. Stuff that my dad didn’t like, naturally. I’ve posted movie reviews on Facebook for years. Since Facebook has decided it prefers to sell advertising rights to the end of civilization, I decided I would try not giving Facebook my content for free. … Continue reading Why I created a blog for my reviews.